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Gulfport Domestic Violence Lawyer

Last updated on June 10, 2024

An argument that spirals out of control or a single rash decision can quickly turn into a domestic violence charge. Once the police are called to the scene, Mississippi law requires them to make an arrest if they believe that domestic violence has occurred.

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What Is Domestic Violence In Missisissipi, And What Are The Penalties?

Domestic violence charges typically arise from physical violence or the threat of physical violence against anyone with whom you have a close personal relationship. This includes:

  • Current and former spouses, domestic partners and romantic partners
  • Anyone related by blood, marriage or adoption
  • Step-parents, step-children, foster parents, foster children
  • Anyone currently or formerly residing with you

Once charged, you will usually be subject to a temporary domestic abuse protection order that forbids you from contacting the alleged victim. You may also be required to vacate the family home until the case is resolved.

The exact nature of your charges will determine the potential sentence you face upon conviction, but it can include steep fines, the loss of your custody or visitation rights, mandatory anger management courses, the loss of professional licenses, a lifetime ban on gun ownership and more. You may also face significant jail or prison time.

How Long Do Domestic Violence Charges Stay On Your Record In Mississippi?

In Mississippi, a domestic violence charge – especially if you are convicted – can potentially stay on your record forever. That means that the information will generally be available to potential employers, educational institutions, would-be landlords, mortgage lenders, insurers and future partners. The consequences on your entire future can be devastating.

What If The Domestic Violence Charges Against You Are False?

False allegations of domestic violence happen all the time, especially if the other party thinks that they will gain some kind of advantage in a dispute or a divorce. Your only option is to fight back through every legal means possible.

Under no circumstances should you try to contact the alleged victim, directly or indirectly, to appeal to their humanity. Doing so will likely result in new criminal charges. You can be convicted of those charges, which can include intimidating a witness, even if you are ultimately cleared of domestic violence.

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